“Shiatsu with Teresa is like a wonderful journey of discovery about my body. It’s as if Teresa’s hands have a conversation with my body in a very trusted space. Her particular quality of touch (sensitive yet clear) enables me to explore and understand how to help myself heal and look after my wellbeing. I love the way we laugh a lot! There are sometimes surprise discoveries and certainly pivotal moments like when the ache in my left shoulder that I arrived with is no longer shouting at me! I always look forward to our sessions and just know that a Shiatsu session with Teresa helps me to feel more at ease with myself and the world. “

The Shiatsu sessions I have received from Teresa for over 10 years have proved to be  of considerable help  in coping with my symptoms related to my Parkinsons and Dynamic Dystonia.

These sessions have also kept me motivated to maintain my physical independence. This has been achieved by Teresa and I working together in these sessions, with the trust that we have mutually established, allowing us to determine what my body needs in order to support it now and in the years ahead.

“Teresa is passionate about her work in all ways.  She certainly walks the talk in every way. She’s a true giver and healer and helps you to understand the things you need to do to help yourself heal .  She shares her knowledge freely and kindly but is also a very good listener so she therefore gains a deeper understanding of the individual she is working with.

She knows how to fix broken bodies.”

Teresa is Professional, very knowledgeable and experienced, kind and modest. She helps your body to heal its self with her magical hands. I would not be alright without her, after having had a bad accident.”

“I have been attending regular sessions with Terésa over several years, during which time she has helped me manage hip osteoarthritis, lower back pain, and shoulder pain. Using her knowledge and insight, she assists me in ways of moving and breathing which relieve tightness, stress, and discomfort and improve my mobility. I always leave sessions with a sense of wellbeing.”

I have been attending Shiatsu Therapy sessions with Teresa on a regular basis for over ten years.  Over this period she has resolved several muscular/skeletal problems, that had left me in pain and/or restricted mobility. This included a significant knee injury, which my doctor failed to rectify.

Even when I have no specific problems I continue to attend sessions with Teresa as this significantly improves my general flexibility and wellbeing. Shiatsu Therapy is far better than a pot of pills and I have come to totally rely on Teresa’s expertise.

“I love Shiatsu and have made use of it regularly at different periods in my life over the past twenty five years.  As a psychologist, I am very interested in how Shiatsu transforms our body-mind, and supports and transforms both physical and emotional wellbeing, which are not actually separate.  Teresa is a lovely woman who has a very positive energy and is a very experienced and effective Shiatsu practitioner. “

I contacted Teresa after Shiatsu treatment had been recommended to me to help with my migraines, neck and shoulder pain. Although Teresa said she was unable to accommodate me for a while and was happy to recommend other people, I felt I resonated with her from that very first call and said I would prefer to wait until she was able to book me in. Luckily for me that wait was relatively short. From my first appointment with Teresa I realised this was the start of an ongoing journey…….not only to help alleviate the pain I was experiencing, but also to learn from our many shared, inspirational conversations since, how humans need to befriend their bodies and listen to what they are saying to us. To use Teresa’s words ‘Your body is your friend and only wants to do the best for you!!’, if only we listen and allow…….do not delay starting your journey!!

“About ten years ago two consultants suggested I needed surgery on my right shoulder for pain and lack of movement. Living on my own I had to discount this and was recommended by a friend to go to Teresa for help.

After a few weeks of treatment the problem was resolved and I have been seeing her regularly for bodywork ever since. Over that time she has helped with various ageing movement difficulties and I am now a very fit 80 year old, which I am sure I would not have been without her expertise.”

Teresa has a tremendous in depth knowledge of muscles and how the body works and I always look forward to the sessions with her which are calm and relaxing.

Like most people I’ve lived through difficult experiences in my past and I have tried working through these by talking about them and the (often detrimental) coping strategies I’ve developed because of them, in the hope to change how I feel and respond to situations.

Working with Teresa has taken me into these experiences in a whole new way, I now know it’s possible to unravel these experiences gently through listening to my body and releasing them at a much deeper level than I ever have previously.

Through developing awareness of the more subtle workings within my body I feel so much more alive, responsive and empowered, with new tools to help me heal and live my life to the full.