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The body is a most amazing organism.  It grows and repairs, digests and assimilates, and fulfils all the many functions it needs not merely to survive, but to thrive. The more I work with bodies, the more I recognise and appreciate this.

Living, however, can take its toll on our body, both physically and emotionally, so that it is unable to recover as it might, and at these times we need assistance from outside.

This is where I can help.

Firstly, by making contact through touch with the area of pain or distress, really listening to and responding to its needs.  With touch and gentle movement I then help to bring the blood flow to this area and wake up its potential for healing.  Once the area in question has gained in confidence and awareness, I help this part to re-integrate with the surrounding structures until it regains its place of importance in the healthy functioning of the body as a whole.

I run clinics in Northampton (monthly) and Frome (daily).

To enquire further please contact me.

My Work

My approach to bodywork began with Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine over 30 years ago, and I still enjoy the freedom of working on a futon. Over the years I have enhanced my practice by studying and getting to know the body from a more Western view.  I have added a detailed anatomical knowledge of all the different, but connected, aspects of the body – muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, bones, fascia(connective tissue) and vital organs. This enables me, through touch, to be able to identify the part that is injured, vulnerable or dissociated in some way, and then help it to heal and reconnect with the rest of the body.  In the process the client, if willing, can also recognise the needs of this part and learn ways to support its healing.  Thus the client can also be actively involved in his/her own healing process.  I feel that combining knowledge from both the Eastern and Western systems gives depth and dimension to my work.

I find that people come to me with a wide variety of conditions, and frequently find that they improve dramatically from the session – even when doctors have said that there is nothing more that they can do.  Some of the conditions that I commonly work with are:

  • All problems with muscles, bones and joints – pain in back, shoulder, neck, hip, knee, ankle, hand and foot, etc..  Especially long term, chronic conditions
  • Stress, anxiety, depression and related issues
  • Asthma and problems with breathing
  • Major physical and emotional trauma – car accidents, sports injuries, whiplash, loss and bereavement
  • Gentle support in cancer care, MND, Parkinson’s and similar
  • Pregnancy, problems with babies, illness in children

I am happy to work with all ages


About me

I began my Shiatsu studies in Scotland in 1980 while doing a languages degree. Receiving Shiatsu was an essential part of my recovery from illness. After graduating I moved to London to start work as a translator and was able to continue studying at the East West Centre there.

In 1984 I gave up my translating job and went to Japan to participate in a healing course which included Shiatsu as well as other Oriental healing methods.  A year and a half later I went to Australia and worked for a year as an assistant at the Zen Shiatsu Centre in Sydney.  On my return to Britain I continued my Shiatsu studies for many years with Sonia Moriceau and Healing Shiatsu.  I set up my private practice in 1988.  Later, I was encouraged to teach and became a registered teacher with the Shiatsu Society(UK) in 1998.

Since 2007 I have worked closely with Bill Palmer and encorporate the principles of Movement Shiatsu, Experiential Anatomy and Inner Qigong into my clinical practice.

The non-intrusive approach of Healing-Shiatsu and the interactive style of Movement Shiatsu are my main sources of inspiration.  I draw experience from a long training in Yoga and the Chinese Healing Arts and my work focuses on helping clients to feel what their body needs to do to resolve their issue and gently helping it to adjust itself through movement and contact.

For 11 years I taught on the BA in Complementary and Holistic Therapies at Derby University and am now Senior Tutor at the School for Experiential Education, co-teaching postgraduate courses in 10 countries worldwide. Since 2000 I have coordinated and assessed teacher applicantions for the Shiatsu Society.


Clinics and Contact

Further Info & Bookings:

I run a monthly clinic in the centre of Northampton  and daily clinics in Frome, Somerset.

To book a session, contact me in one of these ways:

Mobile: 07746780746 
Email: teresahadland@hotmail.com 

Sessions normally cost £50.