Spring into Spring

In the first three sessions of this series of four 45 minute sessions, we focus on each of the aspects that make us who we are – Bones, Flesh and Sinews – and then bring them all together in the last session, so that we can really step out into Spring with a spring in our step.

Session 1 – BONES

In this session we contact our real core, provided by our skeleton. Bones are very much alive, not at all dry and brittle, and we do movements that help us to get in touch with the vitality of our bones and experience how this part of us supports and motivates us from inside. 

For this session you will need your mat/floor space, a firm cushion to sit on, and a sound-proofed room!   Only joking about the room – but you will be making some sounds so perhaps warn those living with you!

Session 2 – Bones

In this session, we get in touch with all the parts of us that form our flesh.  We start with the muscles on our surface that give us our shape and posture, helping them to find their natural tone, neither too tight nor too slack!  

We also have our internal organs that fill us from deep INSIDE and give us a wonderful internal substance and sense of self.  The internal organs are like the stuffing inside us, and when they are functioning well and full of energy the muscles, a more superficial part of us, can relax onto their support.  However, when we lack the support from our internal organs the surrounding muscles have to compensate by doing the supporting instead, and this often leads to habitually tense areas.  The problem in this instance is not the fault of the muscles, who are merely stepping in, but with the organ underneath.  Attention needs to be given to the internal organ to help it regain its fullness and tone.  We will be using breath and movement to bring our awareness into these very vital parts of us.

You will need your mat/floor space, a cushion to sit on and one to place behind your knees if kneeling is difficult.